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Nuestros vinos


I am HeGo.

I love my character, my purpose and my roots.

I am made for pleasure, for good taste. For self-love, for admiration.

Only by drinking can you taste the manual selection of the best Mencía grape and only by respecting my times will I make you fall in love. That will make me unique.

And when that time comes, I will be the one who chooses you.
HeGo 2019

Grape Type: Mencía

Cherry red color, high layer, clean and bright.

On the nose the wine is intense and complex, with varietal aromas of black fruit, light floral notes, spiced pepper and cloves, balsamic memories and a marked mineral character.

In the mouth the entrance is sweet. The wine is broad and balanced with a ripe tannin and good acidity. The different textures in the mouth give it a great depth and length, which together with its persistence in the mouth make it a wine with a long journey. The notes of black fruit, light cocoa, cloves and a finish marked again by a deep minerality reappear.